Game Den Fisticuffs

Game Den Fisticuffs

March 09, 2019


Ready yourself for a bout of fisticuffs!

Date: March 9th

Price: 10 Dollars or 5 Dollars with a set-up

Times: Casuals at 12PM Noon Smash Ultimate at 4PM SFV at 5PM Tekken 7 at 6PM

Register on! if you do it will help us a ton and help us run things smoother. Link:

Please bring set ups! More set ups let us run the event faster and smoother :)

20 Dollar pot bonus added for every 16 Entrants per event!

Free Raffle prizes again!

Sadly this time we wont be bringing pizza, that extra money we want to reinvest into the fisticuffs event by buying more consoles, monitors, power strips, ect..

We are excited to see you all here, we love seeing everyone practice and improve together.

Let’s Play, Learn, Adapt, Comeback


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Game Den

604 freedom blvd

Provo Utah,, 84601

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Game Den Fisticuffs