Alpine Gaming Con

Alpine Gaming Con

March 09, 2019


Alpine Gaming Con is an all-day gaming event to support local high school gaming clubs! Game Grid Lehi is hosting 12 hours of gaming and fun with the help of volunteers from Lehi, Lone Peak and Skyridge High School Board Game Clubs! All day long there will be friendly helpful volunteers teaching you to play new games, paint awesome minis, or running awesome RPG adventures!

Make sure to check out the schedule to see all the awesome events we have planned!!

I’ve had a few different questions regarding how Alpine Gaming Con is fundraising for the schools, so I thought I’d post here and let everyone know!

There are a few different ways we are fundraising for the High Schools:

Game Grid is donating 10% of our sales for the day (split between the various schools). We are also offering a raffle, with raffle tickets being given for each $1 donation to any school you make. And Game Grid is bringing in Pizza with all sales ($1/slice) going to the school of your choice.

DieHard Dice has also provided a selection of Metal Dice that are available as a gift to anyone making a $2+ donation.

Of course, friends and family are also welcome to donate directly to the school of their choice as well.

There is no entrance fee or tickets being sold for the event - besides fundraising, Alpine Gaming Con is about getting Friends and Family together to have fun playing games and we didn’t want entry fees to stop people from coming in. :-)



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Alpine Gaming Con