BearTrap Gaming LAN

BearTrap Gaming LAN

February 22, 2019


We are officially starting up and getting BearTrap gaming running to blast our event to LARGE semi-annual events! In order for us to build our events to cover power, internet, and sustainable locations to support such events. BTG will strive, and push effortlessly so that attendees will all leave wanting more every time! For this reason, this LAN will be mild Fundraiser to get BearTrap Gaming back on track and on to building for bigger and better venues! $10.00 is all that we ask for participation. We will have 60 confirmed seats.

The entry fee will be worth your time, and currently have and are working on a few sponsors to help support us, and mostly to get you all pumped for outstanding reasons why you SHOULD come! The funding will strictly be going to the funds of supporting a prime and large soon-future LAN. If you’ve been to one of our LAN’s, then you know that your time will be nothing less of fun, and of course memorable!

We will post tournament, and other gaming events that we will be bringing to the flavor for BTG’s LAN! Stay posted, and SHARE our sponsors and BTG’s FB Page! Get us on the radar! Get your friends to be interested! LAN’s are fun, but they’re nothing without great friendships and great people to come out!

We will be posting on how we will receive payment for your tickets. The seats will indeed be organized by a first come, first serve basis.Don’t let that get you down though! Because an isle away makes it harder for them to screen peek your favorite sniper camping corner! STAY TUNED AND LET’S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!


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UVU Business Resource Center

815 West 1250 South

Orem Utah,, 84058

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BearTrap Gaming LAN