Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Brothers

February 05, 2019


Payment of the venue fee gets you a free J Dawg provided by our sponsor J Dawgs, as well as unlimited free play until we close at midnight, regardless of whether you enter the tournament. Come by and play friendly matches if you like!

We will waive your entry fee if this is your first Super Smash tournament! If you deselect the entry fee for this reason we will be verifying your first-time status at the venue. Misuse of this promotion will result in your being barred from competition.

We will waive your venue fee when you bring a complete setup. This means that first-time entrants still have a way to take advantage of a completely free tournament when they bring one! Bring your setup before 6:30 and get a free drink with unlimited refills on us!

We will be using the Genesis 6 ruleset in bracket, so if you plan on bringing a setup please have that ruleset saved.

A full setup constitutes:

1 Nintendo Switch 1 Nintendo-brand Gamecube controller adapter 1 copy of Smash Ultimate with all characters unlocked 1 Monitor with HDMI and preferably speaker capabilities (optional)

If you have a setup, PLEASE bring one! It helps the tournament run faster and smoother!

See you there!


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LAN King

746 E 820 N

Provo Utah,, 84606

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Super Smash Brothers