The Salt Packet

The Salt Packet

November 10, 2018


Event Description The Salt Packet is bringing to the table what many of our Utahn players love– Money Matches. That’s right, Super Smash Bros. for WiiU players will have hours upon hours of amazing money matches. Ever been salty at someone’s Luigi after a terrible bracket run? Ever needed to prove to BestNess that YOU are the best Kirby and nobody else can beat it? Think you can bring the best Cloud Utah has ever seen? Well here’s your chance to prove it. And maybe make a little money too.

Schedule The event will be setting up at 12 PM. The brackets will start at 1 PM and aim to end at 4 PM. Money matches will be streamed following that. The event will be streamed on . You must have applied in order to have your money match played on stream.

Commentary You can volunteer as a commentator for money matches using this form: . You will be assigned a 1-hour commentary block.


Date and Time

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Game Tyrant

650 N Main St

North Salt Lake Utah,, 84054

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The Salt Packet