Salt Lake Skirmish

Salt Lake Skirmish

November 03, 2018


11 AM - 1 PM: Casuals 12 - 1 PM: Sign ins 1 PM -4 PM: SC6, DBFZ, SFV 4 PM - 7 PM: T7, GG, BBTAG 7 PM - END: UNIST, Side games, etc

Hey folks, a few changes as we close out the year. We’ve added SC6 and moved games around into different blocks. We’re also introducing a THREE game limit in order to help the team manage things. We’re ALSO implementing a new system regarding SmashGG. Moving FORWARD, any game that DOES NOT have 8 entrants on SmashGG TWO DAYS (Thursday) before the Ranbat, then the game will NOT be run and will be called off.

ALL tournament sets are 2 out 3. This does NOT include Winners, Losers AND Grand finals. The three sets of finals will be played 3 out of 5. This DOES NOT include BBTAG, BBTAG will be 3 out of 5 for ALL sets.

EVERY game will follow a double elimination format. Pausing during a match WILL result in a loss of ONE game. EVERY game will use it’s default rule settings for EVERY tournament match.

EVERY game will FOLLOW this prize split. 70 for first. 20 for second. 10 for third.

DBF’s FIRST place winner even gets to wish upon the Dragon Balls!


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Peterson Heritage Center, University of Utah

151 Connor Rd.

Salt Lake City Utah,, 84112

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Salt Lake Skirmish