SKS Games Smash Weekly

SKS Games Smash Weekly

October 02, 2018


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Info Compete one versus one with players across Utah in our gaming facility. The tournament will begin Tuesday, October 2, at 6:30 PM.

Prizes The winners for Smash 4 and Melee will receive 60% of the Prize Pool. 2nd place will receive 30% of the Prize Pool, and 3rd will receive 10% of the Prize Pool. Additionally, the Entrance Fee ($5) will go to the Prize Pool. There will NOT be a $50 dollar pot bonus during weekday events.

Fees The Venue fee is $5. If you bring your own setup for WiiU or GameCube (console, monitor, controller, game cube adapters for WiiU/PC and game with all characters, DLC(Dreamland Stage and all characters), and stages unlocked, we will refund you $5, making the grand total for entrance $5 assuming you enter just one game. If you enter two games and bring a setup, your grand total will be $10.


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21 G St.

Salt Lake City Utah,, 84103-2949

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SKS Games Smash Weekly