GoFundMe - Retro Arcade

GoFundMe - Retro Arcade

September 30, 2018


GoFundme event for a store Arcade


The year 1984, in the music world Van Halen was Jumping up the charts and Cyndi Lauper was having fun with her girls. On TV, vice officer Sonny Crockett changed fashion in Miami, and all the boys wanted to race cars and marry Daisy Duke. Hollywood had 4 goofballs bustin’ ghosts in New York and Daniel Larusso won the karate Championship for his mentor, Mr. Miyagi.

Saturday was the holy grail of the week. You woke up early to help the Joes fight Cobra, the Autobots fight Decepticons, and He-man smash Skeletor. Saturday evening was just as important as the morning. That’s when you’d go down to the local bowling alley/skating rink/arcade center. The arcade was where you’d spend all of your quarters, set new records, and gather with your friends. You learned of secret game levels, honed your hand eye reflex and hearts were broken or swooned as couples split and got together. The arcade was the ultimate social circle of life for a teenager and the epitome of 80’s.

You can experience that thrill again by helping Comics Plus recapture some of the fun days gone by. We’re raising money to buy 5 arcade machines from Arcade 1Up. This company is offering vintage style machines which house over 17, classic 8-bit arcade games total. I think it would be totally rad to have people come hang out like the old days and play games for hours and enjoy each other’s company.


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GoFundMe - Retro Arcade