SKS Smash Weekly

SKS Smash Weekly

September 21, 2018



Compete one versus one with players across Utah in our gaming facility. The tournament will begin Friday, September 21, at 6:00 PM, and a free drink and snack voucher will be provided. Come ready to compete and have fun!


Doubles are being played for fun. The $5 event fee will go to the pot, but there will not be a pot bonus for doubles. The winners for Smash 4 and Melee will receive 60% of the Prize Pool. 2nd place will receive 30% of the Prize Pool, and 3rd will receive 10% of the Prize Pool. Additionally, the Prize Pool will have a $50 bonus and the Entrance Fee ($5) will go to the Prize Pool. As an additional prize, both winners will have their best plays during the tournament, gamer tag, and Twitch stream link featured on the front page of our website.


The Venue fee is $5. If you bring your own setup for WiiU or GameCube (console, monitor, controller, game cube adapters for WiiU/PC and game with all characters, DLC(Dreamland Stage and all characters), and stages unlocked, we will refund you $5, making the grand total for entrance $5 assuming you enter just one game. If you enter two games and bring a setup, your grand total will be $10.


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21 G St

Salt Lake City Utah,, 84103-2949

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SKS Smash Weekly