ASUS ROG Arena: League of Legends

ASUS ROG Arena: League of Legends

August 18, 2018


The Microsoft Store at City Creekis proud to host weekly League of Legends Tournaments as part of ROG Arena. Players will be playing on one of ten high powered ASUS ROG gaming laptops and compete in a single elimination bracket. Sign up individually or with a team to challenge local players for unique prizing. In addition to RP Awards, the winning team will earn a previously locked Mystery Skin!

All players taking part in League of Legends ROG Arena tournaments at the Microsoft Store will gain access to League Unlocked*. earn an additional 50% XP at the end of matches (visible as a segment of the IP bar on the postgame screen), all champions and 110 skins will appear unlocked.

Register today and take part in a unique competitive experience at the Microsoft Store! Visit to register.

*NOTE: League Unlocked does not actually apply champion ownership to an account. Players will still need to purchase champions before players can buy skins for them. Players must have an active League of Legends account to participate and take advantage of the perks


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Microsoft Store Fashion Place Mall

6191 State St

Murray Utah,, 84107

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ASUS ROG Arena: League of Legends